Cutter Gallery Arlington Final Design-01


The Cutter Gallery Arlington is dedicated to the promotion and support of aspiring and established local artists by providing exhibition space, support, and encouragement to bring creative arts to life.




JCH - Yellow

Cutter Gallery Arlington was the inspiration of Bernice Nigro.

In 1980, The John Mirak Foundation donated the historic Jefferson Cutter House to the Town of Arlington.  The Town created a new location for the building in the Whittemore Park right in the town center.  The town created a public conference room in the lower rear section of the building, complete with kitchen space and restrooms.

Bernice sought to take advantage of the newly created conference room at the Jefferson Cutter House for a public art space.  The room was a perfect location to display local art to the community.  With that, Cutter Gallery Arlington was born.  Bernice promoted the Gallery as a place where aspiring and established local artists could exhibit and sell their work.  In the 24 years since, the Gallery has helped over 200 local artists by providing exhibition space and support.

In 1982, Nancy Flynn assumed the role of Director of the Cutter Gallery Arlington. Under her watchful eye, the Gallery increased its reputation as a place that promotes and supports local arts to the Arlington community.




Jefferson Cutter House Watercolor